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The main differences are ingredients, packaging and working experience. Depending on the tools you use, i.e.: Coil, rotary, hand poke, long taper 12's, 10's, bugpin, rounds, mags, curved mags, etc., you may prefer one to another.

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While Silverback Ink® XXX Grey Wash Series and Silverback Ink® "The Orinal" Grey Wash Series are very close in their range and tone, there are many differences, mostly in ingredients, chemistry and packaging.

<em>Zoloft</em> Hh Blood Pressure Dick

Zoloft Hh Blood Pressure Dick

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HTR1A(3350), HTR1B(3351), HTR1D(3352), HTR1E(3354), HTR1F(3355), HTR2A(3356), HTR2B(3357), HTR2C(3358), HTR3A(3359), HTR3B(9177), HTR3C(170572), HTR3D(200909), HTR3E(285242), HTR4(3360), HTR5A(3361), HTR5B(645694), HTR6(3362), HTR7(3363) Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, antidepressant.

Zoloft msds:

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